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Freedom Isn't Free

We often experience so many elements of this world and don't recognize the essence that is occurring throughout this everyday life. We jog. We breathe. We try to live in this society as a well rounded citizens. The question is: Who is recording those who have wronged us in doing right?

We experience this life and try to gain an outlook that doesn't distort the environment we wish to abide in. We aim to stand up. We aim to soar high. The goal of it all is to demand our truth and make it known. As honest as I can put it, I say I am mad. I can not sit comfortable knowing that my brother can't walk out his rights. My sister cant drive in the light. My cousin cant walk to the store. And my uncle can't stand and express his truth because we are constantly belittled and muted in spite of the true hate that we encounter everyday.

How can I birth a nation that won't be able to see beyond the blood and tears shed each moment that walks among them. We are deciding that this is enough. My niece has to be able to take a breathe and I will be the oxygen she uses to get through this age. I will be the road she walks on to make it to the land that equalizes her words with another. I will be the shoes that continues her walk and guides her every step of the way.

How you ask? Why you ask?

Because someone decided to one day to be mine. Someone decided that poverty wasn't enough for me. Someone decided that picking for someone else's table wasn't enough for me. Someone decided that kneeling before man was not enough because there was one up above that could part the red seas and multiply my bread each day as i breathe throughout the land, the truth that has to establish change.

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