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As an artisan, it is my belief that there is a message that I have to share in order to equip our people for greatness.

Whether it be for financial sustainability,

community awareness, or even business literacy. I want to share a message that is useful and directly effective to those who are listening. 

Many times we get stuck because we are unsure of the next step. My goal is to help assist in steps unknown. 

Join me in: Making statements and discussions about becoming the change we each  want to see.

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Turning your Pain into Empowerment

Life. There are so many things that are connected to that word alone. We have so many elements that we experience in life and the fact of the matter is, we have to utilize our pain in order to grow thru our circumstances. We have to dig deep into our truth. The roots of who we are can help us establish our center and recognize how to go about succeeding in our goals. There will be so many things in our life that we fail to comprehend. We experience life with all the pain and gain. There's a point where we have to recognize the life for what it is, a matter of balance. We need o understand that pain shouldn't be dismissed but embraced. When pain exist it should ignite healing not neglect. It'


iAm Miri Teresa. I have a message that speaks to those willing to be the change they long to see. So many times in life, we get caught into pointing out what is wrong and not realizing what we ourselves can do right. There are so many things that are wrong in this world but in order to make them right we have to ignite that change one step at a time. Many times it starts with perspective changes and discovering how to sustain solutions to a broken cycle. We have to be the rock that the foundation starts upon. We have to start where we are at and head in the direction that allows our visions to become our reality. What are you waiting on? We are made in greatness, designed to do exploits. iMi

Member of IMiT art

-The iAm Light Movement-

iMiTs art is an art form for many who are inspired by truth, reality, and the imagination of greatness. iMir Teresa am interested in promoting wealth, well being and sound mind through the power of art. There are so many intricate spectrums of identity that we tend to discard for the sake of a status quo. I intend to break through those circumstances and embrace a form of freedom to just BE. Standing for your truth is what life is about.


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