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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The revolution will not be televised. We put so much emphasis on everything that is going on in the media but failed to recognize how to utilize that knowledge to effectively make iMPACT in what we can affect. I believe that when it comes to making impact or speaking on people who have laid the groundwork we have to take into account the message that they were trying to convey. We speak on change that everybody else should do but what about the change that resides in you. Lets take the time to physically act on ideas and concepts on community unity. Lets engage in acts of kindness, in movements that unify our society. It takes each one of us to change a nation. The power of the multitude begins with one, that one is you. Sometimes even I get caught into what everybody else is telling me to do or where everybody else is telling me to go and it’s not so much that I have to go against the grain as much as it is I have to take the time to think about the aspects that are occurring amongst me. We try to decide what’s fact and what’s not. What about the thought-provoking concepts that come from everything that we hear? Why are we so quick to jump to conclusions with problems? What about gathering solutions to those problems instead?. I believe that in this day and age with everything occurring we have to take the time to look at what it is that we can do as individuals so that each and every person may have an opportunity to grow to expand. To enhance one another by first starting with self, that is the purpose, that is the goal, that is the mindset that I believe shouldn’t comes from things that are occurring that we don’t necessarily like to see happen. 



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