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As an artisan, it is my belief that there is a message that I have to share in order to equip our people for greatness.

Whether it be for financial sustainability,

community awareness, or even business literacy. I want to share a message that is useful and directly effective to those who are listening. 

Many times we get stuck because we are unsure of the next step. My goal is to help assist in steps unknown. 

Join me in: Making statements and discussions about becoming the change we each  want to see.

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Revolutionary: The Lighting of the Match Started way before the First Hint of Smoke

The key to any revolutionary mindset was the vision. We often speak of these people in high regards. From Marcus Garvey to MLK. These icons did not wake up and say I want to be a household name but they envisioned a change of household order. They envisioned changing the outlook of what it took to change the society they stood in. They wanted to operate in the direction that they knew would make the difference. They desired to produce fruit into their community, not just tomatoes, but apples that would be left for their seed’s seed. This is a battle to ground the inner being and possess the land now so that the fruit of your labor will be placed on good soil and ready for those who dwelled b

Freedom Isn't Free

We often experience so many elements of this world and don't recognize the essence that is occurring throughout this everyday life. We jog. We breathe. We try to live in this society as a well rounded citizens. The question is: Who is recording those who have wronged us in doing right? We experience this life and try to gain an outlook that doesn't distort the environment we wish to abide in. We aim to stand up. We aim to soar high. The goal of it all is to demand our truth and make it known. As honest as I can put it, I say I am mad. I can not sit comfortable knowing that my brother can't walk out his rights. My sister cant drive in the light. My cousin cant walk to the store. And my uncle

Member of IMiT art

-The iAm Light Movement-

iMiTs art is an art form for many who are inspired by truth, reality, and the imagination of greatness. iMir Teresa am interested in promoting wealth, well being and sound mind through the power of art. There are so many intricate spectrums of identity that we tend to discard for the sake of a status quo. I intend to break through those circumstances and embrace a form of freedom to just BE. Standing for your truth is what life is about.


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