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Wakanda Chess Set

The chess piece canvases of an inspiring depiction of power and unity. The 6x6 set is a current project that is n progress to inspire the youth to try strategic games that challenges one to think.

Bee Great

In moments of exploring nature, there is nothing like taking a moment to remember and sketch the humble bumblebees that help the world go round. 

Power to Rise

Dr. Suess Inspired

Jan 2019,

As a youth, I learned to love the journey. These pieces were created to express an abstract view of the famous

Green Eggs and Ham

Thing 1 &2

Horton Hears a Who

I was able attend the Carnival cruise with Michael's art supplies and create these masterpieces in Princess Cay, Bahamas, and Florida within a 5 day time period. After the cruise, I collaborated with Artist Lamont White to add the imprinted girl with the fist.

Our youth can rise if we create an atmosphere for them to do so.

Art of Passion

"in Her Truth"
"in His Sight"


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