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As an Artisan, Miri believes in creating a  vision of truth for communities across the globe to experience through art. Born in Fort Irwin, CA to military parents. She later

relocated to Missouri City, TX when her parents retired. She went to college in Cypress, California and plans to complete her Doctorate in Business Administration on Oct 2021.


Her message,

her statement, and her truth is to cultivate unity through creating a vision of art for communities

to connect and engage. It is time to engulf

on a journey that sparked the

connection of race and culture, young and

seasoned, peace and war. It is important to

unravel the essence that each individual has to

offer to the collective. Join me on this journey to spark a

unified truth.


The message this book discusses is what

many refuse to acknowledge. We are the voice of change and each statement we speak

vibrates through the utensil of a brush

embossed in paint. This is the moment that needs to be heard.


What do you hear from the vision this conveys?

UnMUTEmee Movement Painting the Voice of Change

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