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What is the Power To Live?

    • The Power to Live ignites a movement that sheds light on how our Armed Forces and Veterans have sacrificed for our right to take a breath. We honor those who served by hosting a therapeutic art show that openly enables communication for community insight.

To Breathe

In honor of the lives of those who fought for our right to live freely, we speak up and declare the right to say I am. It is not a task, but an honor to contribute to those whose life was on the line for my freedom to take a breath.


My goal is to empower the community. We want embrace the freedom given by those who left their homes to fight for a cause. I aim to open the eyes of society to a therapeutic art show that honors those who fought and are fighting for our right to live freely, and declare our iAm.
In doing so, it will open communication for our communities to discuss the facts that our armed forces and vets serve not as a task but as an honor.
We can, because that they do.
This platform creates eyes for others to see the true essence that current soldiers and veterans hold in creating the environment we are able to experience. In creating this project, I aim to connect with military personnel and depict their story from an inner voice they often have to withhold.
From a mini clip of why they serve, to a canvas that portrays the essence of what it means to serve. This will be done to commemorate their efforts and bridge a gap to a community that is misinformed of the military and their reasons to protect. I want to set the tone on what our community can do to connect and expand the elements that we tend to cast aside or misunderstand.

The Power To Live

Official Tees $30

Support the Movement by purchasing a tee today! Each Tee will contribute to building an awareness for veterans and their families to receive the aid needed across the globe.
|Nov 7th|

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MAP Keepers Day recognizes our veterans and armed forces who traveled the map to protect our right to breathe. As we move forward each day, may we honor those who set across borders to protect and serve.

November 7th 2019


Power To Live Exhibit


District Art Gallery


Community Artist's Collective


Nov 1-14

Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Dec 1-14

Houston Maritime Museum

The MAP Keepers Day

There are so many elements in the life we live and breathe within. We wake up and take on the day with the common belief that we will go to sleep and do it all over again. It is those concepts I want to speak on in this moment.

iNSIDE OUT : iM Gallery

It's nothing like taking the time to reach out to our veterans to provide arts and craft with them and their families. I believe that art has the power to change and enhance the way we view and experience life. Therefore, I aim to unite with organizations looking to assist with the healing and aid of our armed forces. I honor them for their services by taking the time to connect and listen to their lives while embracing our creative nature.

Houston Maritime Museum

In honor of the lives of those who fought for our right to live freely, we speak up and declare the right to say I am. It is not a task, but an honor to contribute to those whose life was on the line for my freedom to take a breath

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

For the men, the fathers, the brothers, and sons, may you know that your words speak volumes into the lives that you speak into. Grateful for yet another moment to reap the benefits my parents and forefathers bestowed upon me. I could not do what I am doing without the ones who fought for me to be here today. Loving this state of mind, while deciding how this journey continues. May the steps that I take help those who will follow in my footsteps. May they be light before many.

Community Art Collective

There is a power to live inside the hearts and minds of each individual from the beginning. We interact with our atmosphere by gathering fragments of each and every thing we deem vital enough to sustain and survive in our identity. We collect ideas, visions and relevant information that helps us comprehend the life that we deem neccessary to keep. In the big scheme of things, we learn how to be, by the decisions we find to be a better choice than another.

Message from the Late MAP Keeper

We united with those who support our veterans and armed forces to raise awareness throughout our city. It is our mission to connect and expand the vision of what veterans really have to experience in the line of duty for our right to breathe freely. We take a moment to express our gratitude. Be sure to check out the walls of honor that unveil the footsteps taken by those who travel the map.

Artist Contribution

Miri Teresa

Monique LeRoux

NovaCane Alpough

Adam Lattimore

Thaddeus Arvie

Stina Aleah

Lamont White

Ashley Eyerratic Art

Schetauna Powell

Lesley Marie Diaz

Jas The PHiLO

Nia McCLoud


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