Power To Live Exhibit

The MAP Keepers Day

There are so many elements in the life we live and breathe within. We wake up and take on the day with the common belief that we will go to sleep and do it all over again. It is those concepts I want to speak on in this moment.

We united with those who support our veterans and armed forces to raise awareness throughout our city. It is our mission to connect and expand the vision of what veterans really have to experience in the line of duty for our right to breathe freely. We take a moment to express our gratitude. Be sure to check out the walls of honor that unveil the footsteps taken by those who travel the map.

Artist Contribution

Miri Teresa

Monique LeRoux

NovaCane Alpough

Adam Lattimore

Thaddeus Arvie

Stina Aleah

Lamont White

Ashley Eyerratic Art

Schetauna Powell

Lesley Marie Diaz

Jas The PHiLO

Nia McCLoud


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