The Voice of Change

Our Values

As I speak, I think of each space that I walk in becoming a platform for me to spread the change I want to see. The moment we take on situations, the choice is about what outcome that is desired. This movement is beyond just one individual. It is about the experience that unfolds as the journey continues to be in motion. I take that adventure in hopes that it empowers others to act on what they desire to experience. It is officially time to board the movement. 

This movement believes in values that collectively uplift our people. We believe in having the bigger conversations that leads to empowering communities. It is important to visualize and speak the actions one wants to take into the atmosphere. Every thing starts with a thought, leads to a vision, which enables one to interact that truth into reality.


The power to act, speak and operate in an independent manner without restraint.


The movement of guiding the direction of a multitude in a universally beneficial way.


The belief of understandings the connection of one’s self in relation to the outer interpretation of the world.


The essences of being definite and coherent of sight and understanding


The notion that each individual has the reasonable right to equality and fair treatment.


The collective being of nature, essence and mortality.


The bold belief that an individual has the ability to reflect confidence, honor and dignity of one’s own identity.


The art of expressing an intensity sourced from within, projected through the depth of reactions.


The interpretation of information facts and skills collected through a lifetime.



The interconnected components of community, unity, and understanding of a people.

The art of accepting one’s self in the quality of a still moment.


The unMuteMee Movement starts with painting the voice of change. There is a point where we have to take the thoughts, ideas and moments in order to call them into the reality. It is time to recognize the message we have to share with the world. Even the broken pieces and failed ventures aid creating that inner voice that heals the world. It is time to unMute -Mee