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Mir Teresa

We are made in greatness, designed to do exploits. iMiri Teresa believe that we have to express our truth in the power that we live it. There are so many telling us not to be. But someone has to declare and stand firm in that declaration. Through the many elements and stages of life we have to stand and be the truth in each moment. Be who you are as you see fit. Reject the cliche and just be, in all its fullness. You will love yourself for it. There comes a point where you have learn thyself and declare that truth with pride and defend your iAm. Be you. Be true. Be Great!

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Jolie Patrick

Hi guys! iAm Joliee. I enjoy painting every time i get a chance. I was born in Houston, Texas but currently stay in Shenzhen, China. I travel the world and create whatever comes to mind. I invite all to come and join me on Jolie’s Journey: around the world.. There are adventures to be made and sights to be seen. I am only 6 years old but I am an iMiTs art Apprentice and I love to express my creative nature and define the odds.

iAm Defined: About
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