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As an author, I believe it is important to empower others through the work that I create. I aim to make my life an open book. I wrote my first book titled "Path Towards Purpose" which painted a clear picture of what I experienced when my father passed away. It depicted my struggle to grieve, my reason to live, and my passion to push past the pain.

All in all, this gave me the drive to push the pen beyond the paper. It ignited a novel in me that consisted of several chapters filled with an index of reasons to learn, lessons to expound upon and several streams of healing. 

The streams of healing extended to books titled iAm, Ignite: The Flame, unMuteMe and many more to come. Join me on this journey as each step is a guide through the map to explore the true essence of who you are. You're healing depends on it. 

The Journey towards Healing


There is a direction of life that a MAP contains. We honor our veterans and armed forces who walked the globe to protect and serve. I recorded days in history that cultivated Nov 7th and the map that's signed by veterans across the nation.

IGNITE: The Flame

There is a light that stems from the flame from within. Often times, just as light is seen from the spark of a match, this expresses the light that an iAm Garment can share with those who see it. I challenge you to be the light.

iAm: The Vision of Truth

iAm a Peace of Truth. As the journey of life continues, art is my safe haven and route of escape. There is nothing like being able to share my journey of creativity and express what it is defining. This is my message of freedom.

unMUTEme: A Voice for the Silent

It is the voice of the silent that needs to be unmuted. We speak up for the youth of this age, the forgotten, and the ones in need. It is a decision we have to become aware of and make it happen.

Full Collection of the 2020 Journey

The revolution will not be televised but it will be recorded and documented for generations to come. The iAm Visual, MAP Keepers Day and the unMUTED movement, all documented elements of the journey it takes to overcome the journey and push towards the goals. 


MAP Keepers Day Inc., The Journey 


Author Miri Teresa

Artisan. Author. Activist.