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Activist Archives

Activist Archives

Activist Archives

Social Change

There are so many changes that need to be made in this city, region, nation, and country. When it comes to living, we have so many obstacles that we desire to remove. We see pain and wish to heal it. We see scars and wish to aid. It is our nature see the problems. My desire is to be the solution. The vision is to be the change I wish to see. 

As a people, it is time that we make a mark through the various avenues that we have within our reach. Through the multiple initiatives, I connect with productive partners in the community to activate solutions this society needs. 

As an activist, I make it my mission to create food for the hungry, voices for the mute and therapy for the lost. Be sure to take a look at what these archives have created and how we plan to continue in these times.


As An Activist

There have been many who are influenced by the movement Miri Teresa promotes throughout the nation. Miri has reached across the globe emitting social change and community unity. Take a look at a few who wanted her to expand her reach and write about the vision of truth she projects. 

Miri believes there is work to do across the globe. Her goal is to take one step at a time towards expanding the vision of truth and helping each individual she comes in contact with and letting them know the true essence that resides within. It is time for thoughts to become action and expand beyond the restrictions one sees.

 Black Speculative Art Movement

The Things We Are Not Allowed To Express…” is a collection of work from Houston-area artists


Smell The Roses

This week episode has my BFF @peaceoftruth back! We rambled again about crazy stuff going on during COVID.

Smell The Roses Logo.png

Voyage Houston

Trailblazers: Life and Work with Miri Teresa


Believe in YourSelf Podcast

Interview with @peaceoftruth


Voyage ATL- Speak on iMiTs Art Atlanta 

Keia and Miri, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.


Mindfulness @Home

Are you mindful @home? Here's one way to do it! Tell us about your ways.


MAP Keepers Day @ HOH77.7 RadioStation

First Annual MAP Keepers Day. HoH 77.7 Radio Station's Special Tribute to armed forces for Nov 7th, MAP Keepers Day


Activist Activity

Mission: Honduras
As a youth, Miri made it her business to change the world. She decided to take her step beyond the borders. At 15 years old,  Miri was led to go overseas to Honduras and help the local schools and churches in a small town learn about hope and the message of God's love through Lakewood Church's youth mission trip. 
Along the journey, Miri shared her voice with locals and shared her personal written worship songs with the locals that were of another language but felt the kindred heart God emitted through her. Over 100,000 children and families were served in that trip. Miri is forever grateful for experiencing the true acts of kindness, humility and love she was blessed to be apart of

MAP Keepers Day Inc.

Veterans Initiative

MAP Presentation.png

Nov 7th

MAP Keepers Day. A day that recognizes the boots that were strapped up and tread across the map to protect and serve. There are so many veterans in need. It is time that we do what needs to be done to help our military serviceman.

Veterans are always undermined of their service to the community. According to a count in January 2011, there were 67,495 homeless Veterans. As a movement, we stand for those whom are in need of someone to finally fight for them. We have to stand up for those who travel for our right to breathe.


MAP Keepers Day is on Nov 7th. I was born from two combat soldiers who fought in Desert Storm/ Desert Shield. So veterans have a special place in my heart. As I grew up, all I knew was what I experienced with my family after war. Both of my parents were in the army. My late father was an infantry man and my mother was a supply sergeant. 

I grew up with my both parents dealing with untreated PTSD. There were spikes of anger and internal dealing that were unresolved and unaddressed. I had a great childhood but I wish there were options that could have helped them resolve their internal battles. As a result, I have became apart of the solution. I am honored to take this mantel with MAP Keepers Day Inc., that not only helps veterans but is a tribute to Michael Anthony Patrick, a war hero whose life to serve and protect extended far beyond the battlefield. It was my honor to establish this nugget that my late father can be proud of that was established on his 60th birthday anniversary.

November 7th, 1959, my father was born. November 7th 2019, I was honored to collaborate with fellow partners: iDivine Consulting, Impact: iAm the Movement, iMiTs Art and Joliee's World in order to establish an honorary day that honors the footsteps of our veterans and armed forces. 


Every month on the 7th, we recognize our veterans by providing:

  • Gift cards to those in need

  • MAP Keeper Access to the Houston Maritime Museum

  • Homeless Vet feeding

  • Open Door- Community Resources

We also provide weekly: ​

  • cathartic art classes

  • Whole Food Boxes

Annually on the 7th of November, we recognize our veterans by collaboratively offering services to our veterans. I contribute to the cause by delivering a therapeutic art show called:

The Power To Live

 The Power To Live is an art show that partners with:

Houston Maritime Museum + Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

to honor the service our veterans and armed forces.

  • We display a map for veterans to sign.

(Houston Maritime Museum permanent install)

  • A mural for the community to paint their history.

(Buffalo Soldiers National Museum permanent install)

  • Educational resources

  • Financial resources

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