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"My hands defy the norm. My message agitates the comfortable and demands the thoughts from freedom's heart." 

The art of composing a path towards identity. The paint that pours a story sketched from memories of my past. The pencils hit the sheets of truth that express the words the heart once beat to. It is my mission to pave the path for communities beyond me. From the tip of my phalanges to the mouth of a hungered child. May your sight experience the actions that align with my speech. 

This is my truth. This is my reality. This is my art. 






  1. a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

As an artisan, I believe in sharing the true vision of life, freedom, and unity. I choose to unmute my inner voice through what my hands create. My message is my soul's cry for true justice or is it just us. I believe in the archival documentation of life's journey. What I create is legacy art that tells my steps and where I feel life has graced me to be.

iAm, Artisan

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Fine Artist, Miri Teresa | Art made to empower. Art designed to activate thought. Art created to shed light on the connection humanity has on the atmosphere. From the roots of trees to the wings of birds. We are interconnected and equip to co-exist. There is a difference that takes place when the eyes are able to identify the true essence that connects us all.





  1. a writer of a book, article, or report.


The message I speak is one every individual can relate to at one point in their life or another. I feel like sharing my story with the world can help others understand how to deal with life's biggest challenges. It's a mindset shift that propelled me to where I am now from where I used to be. So unMUTEme

iAm, Author

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Author, Miri Teresa | World-renown messenger of truth. A writer of self help books and personal journeys across the world. As an author, Miri has established a language for those who are hurting, depressed, grieving or in self denial of their identity. The light to their situation is the key note to why these books, articles and reports exist. Each life has a purpose and if one finally accepts to live in that purpose, there is an interconnected unity that occurs.


1. a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.

Act on it! Action steps are necessary to change anything in the world from what it once was to what you believe it can be. Justice freedom and unity within the community starts with being the answer to problems you see amongst you. As an activist, I speak to the needs of the people so that the true essence of life can be experienced. Hear me through my actions.

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iAm, Activist

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Activist, Miri Teresa | Activating change through action. As an activist, Miri evokes positive solutions towards problems, nationwide. Her mission is focused on veterans after service, youth receiving quality education, and fair elderly treatment across the nation. This is accomplished by advocating on their behalf and doing the deed to ensure its effective. 

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